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Anatec News June 2019



Renata Batteries: Lithium Thinfilm cells

Small but powerful: high-quality batteries are extremely important in today’s and tomorrow’s connected world. Wearable technologies are a remarkable segment witnessing significant growth and they can only deliver performance when equipped with the right power supply.

Small in size, the Thinfilm battery is ideal to create smaller electronic devices and can be used in a wide range of industrial, medical and consumer applications such as smart cards, smart textiles, price tags, smart packaging labels, smart wristbands, sensors, RFID, etc.



Premo: 3DCoil

Premo - Inductive Components presents the 3DC14EM-ULP series: 3DCoil electro-magnetic sensor with only 1.65mm total height profile

The 3DC14EM-ULP SERIES, is the smallest in height (less than 50% of the parts in the market today).

This is a real ultra-low-profile sensor in 12x14x1.65mm total volume dimensions, able to be integrated in ultra-thin devices such as SmartCard type keyfobs, standard automotive keyfobs, special miniaturized keyfobs (sport keys), Smartphones (to be use as a digital key with the same user experience of current PKE access), and other devices such as hand-held controllers where EMMT (electromagnetic motion tracking technology) is used for 6DoF applications: real High precision motion tracking system with no limitation in the line of sight, ultra-low latency, low power consumption, etc.




 IAR Embedded Workbench offers excellent optimization technology to ensure developers that the application fits the required needs and optimizes the utilization of on-board memory and necessary speed. In this first release code density is already small comparing to other available tools. However, more optimizations are expected in future releases to generate even smaller code.

The first version of IAR Embedded Workbench for RISC-V provides support for RV32 32-bit RISC-V cores and extensions. Future releases will include 64-bit support and support for the smaller RV32E base instruction set, as well as functional safety certification and security solutions.

IAR Embedded Workbench for RISC-V includes C-STAT, the analysis tool in the IAR Embedded Workbench suite that ensures code compliance with branch specific standards and best programming practices. C-STAT also improves code quality and generates reports needed for certification.



Microchip: CPLD Industry Standard Compatible

The ATF15xx CPLD Family comprises of Standard power as well as Low power devices that start at densities of 32 Macrocells (MC) and operate at speeds of upto 200 MHz. Microchip is one of the few CPLD suppliers that offer a 5 V core Operating voltage device (ATF15xxAS).

Microchip also offers a low power device (ATF15xxASL) as well as a low voltage ATF15xxASV that operates at 3.3 V. Microchip CPLDs can be used for I/O expansion as well as for memory control and Interfacing with different types of memories such as compact Flash or mobile SDRAM. For low power applications that are not speed sensitive, the ATF15xxASL/ASVL devices are recommended.

Key Features:

• Low Power - (5 µA) Consumption in Standby Mode

• Logic Doubling - Implement Register latch and Combinatorial Latch in Single Macrocell

• Programmable Pin Keeper circuit enables Bus interfacing

• 10,000 Program/Erase cycles