Anatec News November 2021



RV-5028-C7 Medical

RV-5028-C7 Medical is a SMT Real-Time Clock Module that incorporates an integrated CMOS circuit together with an XTAL. It operates under vacuum in a hermetically sealed full ceramic package offering reliable and safe operation in Helium environment.


• Wide operating voltage range: 1.1 V to 5.5 V

• Time accuracy: Factory calibrated to ±1 ppm @ 25°C

• Backup Switch and Trickle Charge

• Provides year, month, date, weekday, hours, minutes and seconds

• 32 bit UNIX time counter

• External event input detection with time stamping

• 43 bytes non-volatile user memory, 2 bytes user RAM

• I²C-bus interface: 400 kHz


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Wi-Fi & BT modules

Espressif provides a minimum longevity commitment for the product series listed below:

ESP 32 Series
ESP 8266 Series
ESP 8089 Series



Thin Film Cells

Renata introduces a new type of miniature cells

Small but powerful: high-quality batteries are extremely important in today’s and tomorrow’s connected world. Wearable technologies are a remarkable segment witnessing significant growth and they can only deliver performance when equipped with the right power supply.



MAS6513 – 24-bit Capacitive Sensor Signal Conditioning IC

The MAS6513 capacitive sensor interface IC can interface both single and dual capacitance sensors. It uses a 24-bit Capacitance-to-Digital Converter (CDC), which employs a delta-sigma (Δ∑) conversion technique. The output data from the high order Δ∑-modulator is processed by an on-chip decimator filter, producing a high resolution conversion result. The converter is run by an internal clock oscillator making an external converter clock unnecessary. The IC is designed especially to meet the requirement for low power consumption, thus making it an ideal choice for battery powered systems. Overall current consumption values down to 0.65 μA (one temperature and capacitance A/D conversion in a second) can be achieved depending on selected resolution setting. The built-in 24-bit DSP block includes IIR filter options and a calculation engine which performs calculation of calibrated and temperature compensated sensor and temperature readings.