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3DC14EM-ULP series: 3DCoilTMelectro-magnetic sensor with only 1.65mm total height profile

The 3DC14EM-ULP Series, the smallest in height (less than 50% of the parts in the market today).

his is a real ultra-low-profile sensor in 12x14x1.65mm total volume dimensions, able to be integrated in ultra-thin devices such as SmartCard type keyfobs, standard automotive keyfobs, special miniaturized keyfobs (sport keys), Smartphones (to be use as a digital key with the same user experience of current PKE access), and other devices such as hand-held controllers where EMMT (electromagnetic motion tracking technology) is used for 6DoF applications: real High precision motion tracking system with no limitation in the line of sight, ultra-low latency, low power consumption, etc.


Lithium Thinfilm cells

Small but powerful: high-quality batteries are extremely important in today’s and tomorrow’s connected world. Wearable technologies are a remarkable segment witnessing significant growth and they can only deliver performance when equipped with the right power supply.

Small in size, the Thinfilm battery is ideal to create smaller electronic devices and can be used in a wide range of industrial, medical and consumer applications such as smart cards, smart textiles, price tags, smart packaging labels, smart wristbands, sensors, RFID, etc.

part name
Data sheet
Thickness Width Length
CP042350 28 0.42 23.10 50.10

Lithium Thinfilm cells

Code analysis tools for Arm and RX

C-STAT and C-RUN are powerful analysis tools completely integrated in IAR Embedded Workbench for Arm and for Renesas RX.

Take full control of your code

Our analysis tools enable you to take full control of your development and gain efficient, adaptable workflows delivering dependable products.

You can benefit from code analysis if you are…

…porting existing code to a new hardware platform.

…starting new development projects.

…valuing direct feedback in the edit-compile-debug cycle.

…following a coding standard or a code complexity metric.

…working under functional safety or high integrity requirements.

Introduce code quality control early

We provide code analysis as a natural extension of our compiler and debugger technology, which enable you to add the analysis early in the development cycle and minimize the impact of software errors. Thanks to the complete integration in the development toolchain IAR Embedded Workbench, no additional software is needed, you get started quickly and you get instant feedback on the quality of your code.

Static analysis

C-STAT is a powerful static analysis tool that executes fast and provides analysis results directly in the IAR Embedded Workbench IDE. Static analysis finds potential code issues by doing an analysis on the source code level. Get the details

Runtime analysis

C-RUN performs runtime analysis by monitoring application execution directly within the development environment. It finds actual arithmetic, bounds, and heap issues at runtime. Undetected, these issues can cause serious problems with the application. Get the details

Code analysis tools for Arm and RX